How to take care of our Clothes


Our clothes can be washed and washed, they don’t lose color and shape but it is important to bear in mind a few rules thanks to which our clothes will always look good.

Clothes should be always washed inside out. It prevents clothes defacement caused by friction in washing machine.

Before washing don’t forget to fasten zips and naps. If you forget about it, zips which aren’t fasten can hook against sensitive clothes. A small pieces of clothing such as socks or mittens can be put to small bags during washing. Thanks to this all clothes will be clean and there will be no need to look for them in a washing machine.

You should segregate clothes according to colors. You must not wash black and white colors together. Each light color of one piece of clothing may not be prepared to wash it with white color clothing and can “paint” your child’s favorite piece of clothing. However all insertions in our clothes are prepared not to dye white base.

Watch out- Stain! What is crucial in such case is immediate reaction. If you have possibility it is good to wash a stain as quickly as it is possible. The best is green soap or there are also stain removing soaps, which remove all kinds of stains (don’t let your clothes with stain and soap to dry, it’s better to water it).

Temperature of washing should be chosen due to the type of material the piece of clothing is made of (you will find directions on the insert, attached to a piece of clothing). Type of stain is also important, sometimes hot water instead of removing the stain can may strengthen it, for example stains left by eggs.

It is worth to protect sensitive clothes during the washing. you should buy special bags for washing sensitive pieces of clothing.


The shorter time of hanging out, the easier way of straightening out. It will be easier to iron it. Pay attention to conservation and especially to:

- dry after giving a previous shape (some natural fibers can shrink quickly and need special care),

- dry in horizontal position (it prevents from stretching out because of a weight of wet knitwear),

Dark clothes dry inside out, don’t dry them in the sun because they may fade.