How to choose the Perfect Hat

Get to know a few pieces of advice which will make buying an ideal hat easier.

Which hat ensures optimal comfort depends on many factors. Let’s pay attention to things you should focus on while choosing a perfect, fashionable and comfortable hat protecting your child’s head against cold or the sun.

An ideal hat should be in a proper size. How to do that? It is enough to measure a child’s head.

When we know the head size, we should think about a model to choose.

Hats with laces.

Strings in models with laces should be cut in a proper place and knoted. You decide about the length of the laces, you choose length that is the most suitable for you, Dear Mom!

The best hat material:

Material a hat is made of shouldn’t case allergy and irritation. For cold days -5 C the best choice should be wool which is a natural material and has heat-insulating qualities. What is interesting, a hat with loose contexture will be warmer than that with a narrow one. Hats made of wool don’t absorb smell, are not allergenic and have antibacterial qualities. When temperature falls below 12 C the best solution will be woolen hats. They don’t cause irritation, they are nice in touch, warm and pass air. Models equipped with additional lining protect head against low temperature. When temperature reaches 25 C, what is important is the fact to eclipse the head without ears so here the perfect solution will be an airy cotton hat or a hat. while choosing a model of a hat pay attention to a style but do not forget about a cut and color of a snowsuit, jacket or other accessories worn by a child. In our offer you can find original, surprising and courageous models matched to child’s personality. Don’t forget about color of a hat. If our child isn’t keen on hats, it is worth to buy it in child’s favorite color. We hope you know now what model to choose for your child.