Barbaras’ World

We create unique models matched to personality and needs of every child. Our products are perfect for a common day as well as for special occasions. They are ideal for the youngest and the oldest kids. Eventually Barbaras is there where children are.


We focus on creative design. We give children an unique style: courageous and surprising at the same time.


For cheerful and energetic children we create a kaleidoscope of colors but we also create collections in subtle and elegant colors.


We love all kinds of crystals- those bigger and these smaller too. Those more and less shining but what we love the most are crystals glistering colorful and crazy colors. Crystals play the main role in our company..

World openness

We love travelling from one end of the world to another in order to create collections matching each child’s personality, we want to ensure each child an unusual product made by Barbaras.

Dream! Moon! Realize!